My vape tank is leaking e liquid

There are a few reasons why your tank could be leaking E-liquid. We have outlined the most common causes with troubleshooting below.

Check over all the O-Rings & SealsVaping with the incorrect settingsFaulty Coil or Incorrectly installed coil Tank is sitting for a long time after refilling.



Check over all the O-Rings & Seals.
Make sure that all the o'rings, and seals are nice and tight and in their correct position for your device. Most user manuals outline how and where these seals are. If any of these are loose, or hanging off the edge you will need to re-align these seals and rings to make a tight clean vacuum seal.


Vaping with the incorrect settings.
Make sure you are vaping at the appropriate wattage setting for the coil you are using. Recommended settings are written on the side of the coil or on the product packaging. In most cases with beginners issues arise from not understanding how the power affects the performance of your device, which can lead to leaking.

If/ you under power the coil there isn't enough heat being applied to the coil to vaporize the e liquid completely. This will leave excess e liquid to pool up inside the coil and eventually it will leak out of the air vents.


Faulty Coil or Incorrectly installed coil. 
Make sure that your coil is seated correctly inside the base of your tank. 9/10 times with leaking or performance issues the coil is not seated or installed correctly. To make sure the coil is seated correctly; simply check that the coil is locked in nice and tight to the base thread (please note do not over tighten the coil as this can break the seals) you shouldn't have to use too much force to install the coil. Some tanks for example the Smok Baby Beast and Vaporesso NRG tanks, have threads on both ends. Make sure the coil is correctly tightened on both the base cap and the top cap. (the thread on the top cap usually has a rubber o-ring just above the thread, make sure this o-ring is in place)

Tank is sitting for a long time after refilling.

If you are not using your device for a long period of time, it is always good to close the airflow vents completely to stop liquid from slowly making its way out the air vents. Closing the airflow will help keep the liquid contained within the tank. As air and gravity can slowly allow the liquid to soak through the coil and out the air vents.

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