What do i need to buy to get started?

Despite the huge amount of information about vaping online, it is difficult to know exactly what you need to buy to start vaping. Below we have outlined the basics you will need to purchase to get you started.
Starter Kit - This will give you everything hardware wise you need to get started. A starter kit will include a device, pods or coils, charging cable, user manual etc.
Spare Coils or Pods - Most starter kits ship with at least 1 coil or pod, so you can skip this purchase, to begin with, but it's always to handy to purchase spare pods or coils as you will be replacing these every 10-14 days.
E-Liquid - Finally you need to purchase an e-liquid flavour that is the right nicotine strength for you and your chosen device. Before deciding which e-liquid strength to purchase read this article here  Which nicotine strength should i choose?
If you want to make your purchase super easy, we do have bundle deals on most of our kits that come with everything you need to get started including your first bottle of e-liquid. You can view these bundle here

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