How to guide for setting up your vape kit

Setting up your Vape for the first time

Your vape has just arrived and you are ready to set it up, your first instinct will be to hit the fire button on the kit to see how it works….STOP!!! The most common mistake beginners make is to hit the button while the tank is empty. This will dry hit the coil and burn the organic cotton inside the coil, which could lead to the coil being spoiled and a really bad first impression of the taste of your E Liquid that you spent so long tracking down. If you follow our step by step set up guide below, you will be up and running in minutes and will be vaping like a pro!

Step 1

Remove your device from the box and place it on a flat surface in front of you.

step 1 lay vape kit flat

Step 2

Determine whether your tank is a top fill or a bottom fill. 9/10 device today are top fill but it will be clearly marked in the product packaging/manual what your device is. Open the filling cap, For Example: This could be by unscrewing the top section of your tank. Take your bottle of E liquid and slowly fill the tank. Be careful not to overfill. Some tanks will have a max fill line. Once you have filled your tank, close the fill cap and move on to Step 3.

step 2 open vape top cap and fill with e liquid

Step 3

This is an important step to get optimum flavour and experience. Let your tank sit for 5 minutes before you first use it.….yes I know you feel like you have waited long enough…but trust me it will pay off.  What you are trying to achieve here is to make sure the E liquid soaks right through the coil. A coil has organic cotton inside that soaks in the e liquid. By letting your tank sit you are making sure the cotton is truly soaked with e liquid to prevent a dry hit and potentially burning the coil.

Extra Tip: A popular method for helping the e liquid soak through is to slowly draw on the mouthpiece but DO NOT press the fire button. This suction will help draw the e liquid into the coil faster.

step 3 steep the e liquid for 5 minutes

Step 4

There are 2 types of vapes; fixed devices and variable wattage devices. If your device has NO display screen and NO controls on the side this means you have a fixed wattage device - jump to Step 6. If your device has a display screen and controls on the side this means you have a variable wattage device - proceed to Step 5.

step 4 variable wattage device vs fixed wattage device

Step 5

Before using the vape for the first time you want to make sure you have the correct settings to power the coil inside the tank. For Example: When using the Aspire Zelos Kit it ships with a 1.8ohm BVC coil. This coil type has a recommended wattage of 9-15watts. To use the device correctly you will set your device to output 12watts by using the arrow keys. This will make sure you don’t over power or under power the coil inside the tank, if set incorrectly this can lead to the coil burning out and that bad taste we were talking about earlier.

To know what settings you need for your device you can find this information in a few places; Inside the device manual/packaging, on the coil itself or coil packaging, or online from the manufactures / retailer where you purchased from.

step 5 adjust settings on vape kit

Step 6

You are all set up and ready to go! To try your new vape out for the first time; place your mouth on the drip tip / mouthpiece, begin to draw from the mouthpiece and hold down the fire button at the same time as your are drawing. To begin with you can take a 1-2 second draw then slowly adjust your draw time as you use the device more to find out what draw time works for you best!

step 6 you now know how to use a vape

Thats it you're done!! You are now Vaping like a PRO! Below you can read our tips on maintaining your device and when and how to correctly change your coil.

When and how to Charge Your device.

For most users charging a vape coincides with charging their smartphone so a good habit to get into is to charge your vape every night when you go to bed next to your smartphone. It is always recommended to use the allocated USB charging cable that came with your device.

Maintaining your coil and prolonging the coils lifespan.

One of the most crucial maintenance tips is to always have e liquid inside your tank. Never let your tank dry out as this can spoil the coil and rapidly reduce the life and length of use on the coil. The best practise with this is to refill your tank when you see it get to the 1/3 point on your tank, topping it up through out the day is best, so always make sure to have a bottle of E Liquid with you when you are out and about.

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