Why is there an orange 18+ sticker on my parcel?

You must be 18 years of age or older to shop with Caktus Vape. To ensure all parcels shipped from our warehouse land in the right hands, we attach an orange 18+ sticker to the parcel so the courier will verify the age of the receiver on delivery. If you would like to have the orange 18+ sticker removed from your parcel and all future parcels, then you can verify your age through your Caktus account using your New Zealand Drivers License or Passport. Please see below your 2 options to verify your age with us.

Verify by NZ Drivers License or Passport

If you have a Caktus Vape account, you can log in and verify your age by completing our Age Verification form. You only have to do this once, and the process is instant & uses the official NZTA and NZ Passport databases to verify your age. Benefits: You'll have the option to ship your parcels. No Signature is required & the courier won't require a Photo ID on delivery by the receiver. If you have an account, click here to Log In & Verify your Age or click here to Create an Account & Verify your Age

Verify on Delivery by Photo ID

If you don't have an Age-Verified Caktus Vape account, an Age-Check On Delivery sticker will be applied to your parcels. The courier will verify the age of the receiver by Photo ID on delivery, and only deliver to a person aged 18 years or older & require a signature. If no one is available to sign for the parcel, it will be taken back to your local depot, and a card left for you to collect or arrange a re-delivery.

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