My order is late and has not been delivered

Delivery times and what to expect.

Please make sure before you launch an investigation with us or your chosen shipping carrier that your parcel has gone outside of the latest target delivery date listed on our Shipping Info page. Your chosen carrier will not investigate unless it has missed its latest target delivery date.

To find out what the latest date for delivery is, please do the following: 

  • Visit our Shipping Info page to work out your target delivery time frame based on your address/city.
  • Take your latest possible delivery date and count the business days forward from the date you received your shipping confirmation email.

For Example: If you chose to ship with NZ Post and your target time frame is 5-8 Business Days you need to count 8 business days from the date you received your shipping confirmation email. Please note that you should not count the weekends or any public holidays as these days the network is not operating. Below is an example of how you should count your latest expected delivery date based on the example given here.

Launch an Investigation

If your parcel is overdue and past the latest target delivery date, you can contact our support team to assist and we can launch an enquiry on your behalf with your chosen shipping carrier. As we only have access to the tracking information of your parcel (the same as you do) we recommend launching the enquiry directly with your chosen shipping carrier as they will be able to provide you with more detailed information, faster. Contact details are listed below for each carrier.

DHL Express

Email: Contact Support

NZ Post

Email: Contact Support

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