AUS Post Tracking Statuses Explained

When you are checking the tracking and the progress on your parcel in transit some of the notifications can be hard to translate exactly what they mean. We have shipped thousands of parcels with Aus Post and have directly had these statuses you see translated to help you know exactly what they mean. In general, this service has very minimal tracking points and that is why we advertise this on the shipping option throughout the website. Please see below for information on these statuses.

AUS Post Statuses

Status Translation

Picked up / collected

Your parcel has been collected by an NZ Post driver from our Wellington depot and will be on its way to Auckland for international departure from there.

Processed at the outbound depot

Your parcel has arrived at the outbound sorting facility in Auckland and is being processed and placed into a queue to be loaded onto the relevant aircraft for your shipping address.

International departure

Your parcel has been loaded onto an NZ Post aircraft and is on its way to Australia.

In transit with the airline

This is the notification where customers generally get the most confused. What it really means is that your parcel has left NZ but has not cleared customs into Australia yet. This process is usually the longest part of the journey and is why it's not classed as a courier service. There is a long queue of parcels at customs in order of priority. As this is a standard mail service and not an express service, these parcels receive no priority to be rushed through the clearance. All express parcels jump to the front of this queue and if customs is busy they can sit here for the majority of the target delivery time until it is finally cleared in the queue.

International arrival

Your parcel has been released by customs and is now with Australia Post to make the final delivery. From here onward Australia Post will treat your parcel the same way as any other domestic parcel. As this parcel is transiting via the standard mail network it will be delivered as such. It's not out of the norm to not see another scan on the parcel until it has been delivered.

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