What coils do i need for my device?

What coils do i need? and when should i change my coil? These are a very common question especially for beginners new to vaping. It can be complicated at first to locate which coil you need or when to change the coil, but we have come up with some useful tips below to help you figure this out!

What coils do i need?


The first place to establish which coil you need is to look at the coil currently inside your tank and/or on the product packaging. As all vape kits ship with at least 1 coil, this is usually the best place to figure out which coil you should purchase. For Example: This is how you can locate the coil type on the Innokin Endura T20s product box.


Locate the correct coil for your device by using our coil finder filter on the coils page of our website. You can filter this by Brand / Tank / Vape Kit. For Example: This is how you can locate the coil type on the Innokin Endura T20s Vape Kit.

When should i change my coil?

The timeframe of how long a coil will last does depend on which brand and device type you have, but a general rule for when to change a coil will be on average every 7-10 days. This making a pack of 5 coils last you at least 1 month. An obvious cue on when to change your coil is when your vape starts to taste a little burnt or 'off' tasting this is because the organic cotton inside the coil has deteriorated and the coil has reached the end of its use. 

Do be aware that if the flavour of your juice has dimmed a little bit this isn't necessarily a good indicator that the coil has been spoiled, in most cases it is because your taste buds have become so used to a particular flavour that you kind of stop tasting it after a while. The best fix for this is to have multiple flavours on you at any one time, so you can rotate between them and keep that fresh full flavour for your senses!

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