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Returns Information

You must return your product/s within 30 days of the original order being dispatched. Returns must be shipped back to our warehouse within 7 days of receiving your return confirmation email.

The returned product/s must be in all of their original packaging, and in like-new condition. - We may reject the returned product if there is damage to the product and/or product packaging.

If a product is deemed unfit for return, we will notify you via email that the return has been rejected and no credit will be issued. You can then choose to have the product/s returned back to you at your expense. If you do not notify us that you want your product/s returned within 14 days the product/s will be recycled.

Due to the nature of e-liquid, we are unable to offer any returns/refunds on e-liquid bottles once they have shipped and left our warehouse. This is to ensure the safety of our customers, as these bottles are not fit for re-sale.

Due to the nature of physical gift cards, we are unable to offer any returns/refunds on gift card orders once they have been printed.

If you would like to return your entire order in exchange for a refund you will be issued a refund of your order total minus the shipping fee. This also applies to orders that included free shipping, as the fee was still paid by Caktus Vape.

Return Instructions

As long as your return adheres to the requirements described above, follow these steps to return your product:


Please reach out to our support team by filling out the contact form.

Contact Support


After receiving and reviewing your return request we will notify you via email that your return will be accepted and you can follow the return instructions inside that email.


Upon receiving the returned item/s we will review the products you’ve returned. If the returned products have met all of our return policy requirements, we will process a credit voucher to the value of the returned item/s at time of purchase. This credit can be used on caktusvape.com

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