Innokin Endura T20s is leaking e liquid

Stop leaking in the Endura T18 / T20s Tank

The most common place for leaking in the Innokin Endura T20s is in the base of the tank.  The T20s has a unique coil design in how you install it. The coil fits into the tank kind of like a puzzle piece and the coil only fits in one specific way. 9/10 times the cause for leaking is because the coil is incorrectly installed and isn't making a clean tight seal with the base of the tank. Follow the instructions below to resolve this.

Step 1
Unscrew the tank from the mod/battery and place it on a flat surface in front of you.

Step 2
Remove the cap from the base of the tank and expose the coil fitting.

Step 3
Here is where the leaking can occur if the coil is not installed into the correct position. Make sure the coil fits in nice and tight into the base of the tank as shown in the image below, Its kind of like a puzzle piece and must make a complete seal into the base. Keep rotating the coil until it slots in just like the image below.

Step 4
Once you have aligned the coil correctly, screw the base cap back on and test for any leaks by sitting the tank upright.

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