Aus Post - Covid delays & other impacts

There are major delays with Aus Post. If your parcel is delayed, please be patient, everyone is trying their best to get parcels moving along as fast as possible but the network is overloaded right now. Because of the increased amount of online shopping, there is a huge increase of parcels moving around the country and with a reduction in staff working in customs and in their sorting centres due to social distancing measures for staff safety, the combination of the 2 has caused these delays across the board.

Unfortunately, starting an investigation or enquiry with Aus Post will not result in faster delivery. Their customer service team are not able to fast track the process as the network is moving as fast as it possibly can right now. Until the lock-down is over and life return's to normal we will have to expect these delays on Aus Post deliveries. 

We do understand this is extremely frustrating and we are speaking with Aus Post daily for updates. If your parcel is late for delivery we do have it on our list and as part of our open enquiry with Aus Post regardless if you have contacted us or not.  We have outlined below the 3 main reasons for delays, so you can get an understanding of what the shipping network is currently up against.

Flight / Air Transport Delays

The first major cause for delay is because Aus Post use commercial airlines to move parcels between NZ & Australia and with the reduction in commercial flights, this has caused delays getting parcels out of New Zealand to Australia. Usually, they would have 20 to 50 flights a day to utilise, this has dropped to less than 5 flights a week.

Customs Clearances

Once your parcel lands in Australia it goes into a queue with every other parcel from around the globe to be cleared through customs and released for delivery. Because of the current situation, efficiency has dropped clearing and sorting parcels - social distancing measures are in place for staff working at the sorting centres and on the line through customs, so there is less staff clearing more parcels than ever.

Delivery & Couriers

Once your parcel is cleared through customs and pushed out for delivery, there are delays getting parcels delivered. Because there is a huge increase in online ordering and an increased volume of parcels moving around the country during this lock-down, delivery drivers are doing their best to cope with the extra load to deliver, so delays are expected because of this.

Is Express delivery experiencing delays?

Express carriers like DHL Express are experiencing minor delays only, as they operate a much smaller network and have full control over their deliveries. They own their planes and have their own clearance team at customs clearing their own parcels, so the volume they are dealing with is a lot less. Their courier drivers are still able to meet a reasonable target delivery time frame during the lock-down because of this. DHL would usually deliver overnight to metro city addresses, but we are seeing a 1-3 Business day service on average for DHL deliveries.

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